Shabby Chic Daydreams: A Design Blog for My Castle in the Sky


Shabby ChicHi, and Welcome!

I’m Shannon, and I love the Shabby Chic design philosophy and style. I’ve always enjoyed antique shopping and repurposing, and browsing home decor catalogues and books. So I started this blog as a treasure chest of ideas for styling my own home and life.

Isn’t that nice?


Right. Now for the grit. True confession?  I don’t even have a house.


I’m writing this from my parents’ basement. And lest you think I’m just visiting….Three days ago, my husband, and my 10 month old daughter moved oh, 75% of our stuff into a storage unit, and piled the remaining 25% into a 17′ x 17′ room in the basement to arrange some semblance of a “home” for the next few months as we look for a house to buy.


So when I say ” this is my treasure chest of ideas” I actually mean “this is my obsessive and occasionally unrealistic escape mechanism for dreaming and planning every last square inch of a house and life I may or may not ever even have”.  :)
These “daydreams” are just way fun for me… and they serve as a great excuse to poke around Pinterest and decorating websites for hours at a time! But when I’m not pouring over shabby chic cuteness, I’m blogging and podcasting about child advocacy, birth, and parenting over at http://www.loveisnotareward.com.
That’s the stuff my heart is really really passionate about. Check it out if you’re interested!


Okay. Now that we’ve been introduced…..thanks for joining me here!  Consider this my formal invitation to poke around in my daydreams.  Let me know what you think! I’m always collecting new ideas.


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