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Masculine Shabby Chic: I’ve Found “The One”!

“Masculine Shabby Chic” – My Dream Man!




Totally in love.


I confess I’ve always felt a tad torn dreaming of all this shabby chic glory for my home….like “My poor husband….what will he do with all this pastel and frill?” 


So I’ve secretly harbored a second love affair with rustic leather, dark browns and navy blue, and strong, sturdy furniture. I was thinking I should probably never admit that here…..


But! It turns out I may be safer than I thought.


Lo, and Behold….
There is a new trend in town. And his name is:


Masculine Shabby Chic!


With my first glimpse of this style combination….I heaved a huge sigh of satisfaction.


This is it. I found my true love! 


Masculine Shabby Chic is…about what you’d expect from the name. It’s the shabby chic style philosophy- ornate, vintage, worn, tattered and beautiful- with a darker, sturdier more rustic overtone.


Dark Masculine Shabby Chic


The 5 Best Shabby Chic Headboards: Repurposing Perfection!

Is Your Bed A little Boring? Nothing A Shabby Chic Headboard Can’t Fix!

Pinterest is on fire with repurposed everything, and I absolutely love it!

Repurposing old doors, pallets, etc into furniture is a wonderful and very economical way to achieve a shabby chic feel in your decor. And a bed headboard is a beautiful and fairly simple place to start.

Currently, our bed has no headboard. (Enter: Great frustration with pillows creeping down behind the bed all. the. time.) 

So I’m just itching to try one of these incredible ideas! Here are my Top 5 Favorite ideas for a repurposed, shabby chic headboard:

1. The Door to Sleep-Heaven:

Using an old door seems like one of the easiest ways to re-purpose something into a shabby chic headboard. And charming old rustic doors are a dime a dozen at antique malls and flea markets. You might even have one laying around! Slap a coat of paint on that baby, and BAM! You’ve got shabby chic beauty for your dreaming pleasure.

Cupboard door headboard

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