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Why Shabby Chic?

I’m not exactly sure when the hallucinations started.


Maybe it was while I was pregnant with Addie- You know, those first trimester hormones can do crazy things.


Or maybe it started way before that, as a lonely only child being dragged around to endless antique stores on every. last. roadtrip. we ever took.


Either way, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t experience frequent episodes of believing I held the keys to a gorgeous French Country home adorned with the elegant, relaxed shabby chic decor. Even now, I can almost hear the melodious clink of the keys in my hand…..


Shabby Chic French Country


What IS Shabby Chic?

Let’s talk about where this whole idea comes from. That’s a really good place to start!

The term “shabby chic” seems to have originated in the 1980’s. Wikipedia says it was first used by The World of Interiors¬† magazine, and spread from there.


Shabby Chic Cupboard


Shabby Chic Shopping: Ten Tips for Treasure Hunting

Here We Go: Shabby Chic Shopping Tips!

There are more options available for just going right out and purchasing decor designed in a “shabby chic” style. My personal favorite way to find it though, is treasure hunting!

Antique stores, flea markets,¬† even Craigslist and garage sales are all fantastic places to buy shabby chic. A soft tablecloth here, a lamp there….tables, teacups and tapestries! For me, the best part is finding completely random and different things and then getting to dream up ways to put them together as shabby chic decor!

Shopping for shabby chic home decor this way is a little more work than heading to a department store.¬† You might have to spend a bit more time shopping, turning over some rocks and searching deep in the dusty old corners of these shops. Personally, that’s my favorite part!