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Say Thank You!: Shabby Chic Wedding Favors

Burlap Wedding FavorsWe went to that wedding last night, and it was lovely.  They married in the later evening in a barn-like lodge, pretty much by candle light, surrounded by lace, burlap, flowers, mason jars, and vintage decorations. It was a perfect shabby chic wedding! I learned yesterday (but of course, did not notice on the day of) that they forgot all the wedding favors they’d made in a big box under one of the gift tables. OOPS!  I think it’s a must: Every wedding has to have at least one “mini crisis”…..My guess is that it helps keep our eye on the perfection and beauty of what really matters. But this little debacle did get me thinking. A shabby chic wedding does need shabby chic wedding favors! So I went on a hunt to find some of my favorite ideas to share with you.

Shabby Chic Wedding Dress: All This Wedding Talk And You’re Not Even Dressed!

I’ve already obsessed over all the beautiful shabby chic wedding options there are, in not one but TWO posts, and then I realized I was missing one of the most important, and most lovely elements of a shabby chic wedding: the dress!

And oh, my goodness…..are they lovely.

If you’re looking for a shabby chic wedding dress, I think you’ll probably find that, like most shabby chic things, there is a lot of room for personal expression and combining your own favorite elements.

In my own daydreaming and searching for shabby chic wedding dresses, I did find that searching for “vintage wedding dress”  or “vintage-style” gave me significantly more options, most of which fit the shabby chic profile perfectly.

Shabby Chic Wedding Dress

Shabby Chic Wedding Centerpieces

When I started my last post on shabby chic wedding ideas, I had no idea what kind of obsession I was stepping into. But There are so many beautiful ideas for everything shabby chic you could possibly want for a wedding.Table centerpieces are one area where the bride and/or wedding planner’s creative eyes particularly get to shine. And the options for shabby chic wedding centerpieces are truly endless.

Shabby Chic Weddings- Floral is the Name of The Game

The Shabby chic design has a strong emphasis on floral elements. If you’re looking for a pure, simple feel,  a pastel rose or peonies in a glass vase on each table would do the trick!

Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas – “I Do” Design

Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas: The Design of My Dreams

Ahhh, wedded bliss.

The hubby and I are going to a lovely October wedding in two weeks. The invitations were low-key, feisty and fun, and got me dreaming about weddings in general…which of course got me thinking….

What would a Shabby Chic Wedding look like?

Our own wedding was, in a way, a shabby chic wedding without even meaning to be. We made it work on an extremely tight budget, in the middle of January, and we were just so in love, we made anything work.

We had mason jars and burlap, white epsom salt “snow”, huge white flowers and pine cones, elegant candles, a gauzy canopy and a cozy fireplace. Mish mash beautiful!

And that’s the beauty of a shabby chic wedding- It’s a design style where anything goes.

Weddings are, sort of irrevocably, elegant. You’d have to work hard to remove all elements of elegance from a wedding….so “chic” can pretty much take care of itself. 😉

And shabby? Let’s call it vintage for the sake of our wedding planning correctness, and the options are limitless!