Curse That Common Sense: My “It’s A Wonderful Life” Dreamhouse

I’ve been totally obsessed with house hunting for oh, say, the last 2 1/2 years at least.

As in,  when we’re driving, I can’t focus on anything my hubby says because I’m thinking of what kind of houses my Zillow app would pull up For Sale in the neighborhood we just passed, and my hand is itching to check my phone every other minute.

I think I have a pretty good excuse. But I admit it may be getting out of hand when I’m hitting “Refresh” 5 or 6 times while driving through a single neighborhood.

Like, how many people could have listed their home for sale in the last 46 seconds?

But the other day, it finally paid off. I found this totally dreamy house. For dirt cheap.

Like $39,900 Cheap. Seriously!

It's A Wondeful Life House

For this gorgeous 4 bedroom, brick Colonial in the “old money” part of town….

I’m dead serious. Really.

Oh, did I forget to mention…..that it has “extensive structural damage” and needs “major repairs”?

(I know, you knew that was coming.)

But still.

I was instantly transported into It‘s A Wonderful Life,and Jimmy Stewart and I started planning our honeymoon dinner complete with the rainstorm leaking torrents of water all over my cobwebs while I gazed around, starry eyed, and planned my perfect renovation of every room.

Hey. I didn’t call this Shabby Chic Daydreams for nothing!

I told the hubby about it when he got home. He stared blankly at me and definitely did not get the same inspirational goosebumps I did from my Jimmy Stewart reference.

Alas. I was counting on contagious enthusiasm to overrule well,..common sense.

So I tried, “Honey, somebody’s going to buy it, right?! Why not us?”

Not helping.

But man, I want this house bad.

I mean, how often does that happen? A house like that?

And I ask you: Does it not look like the perfect place for me to transform into a Shabby Chic dreamhouse?!

It does, I know, you think so too.

And you feel really, really bad for me that I don’t get to have it.

That’s why I’m writing this post.

I need your pity.

A witness to my suffering.

That’s all. No point. Just pain.

So thank you.

And please, if you come across any other dream mansions for the price of a car, send them my way immediately.

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