Shabby Chic Paint Colors: AKA White Paint Is My Friend

Shabby Chic Paint Colors PalleteI’ve said it many times, and it’s still as true as ever- I love Shabby Chic because I love how easy it is! It can be so inexpensive and yet so completely lovely. I wrote about shabby chic fabrics the other day as an easy cure for just about any thing that needs some decor sprucing.

Painting is the other  *fairly* easy and inexpensive fix for anything!And I’m realizing that Shabby Chic paint colors are extremely easy to find, and common….

Shabby Chic Paint Colors: Basic and Beautiful

I’ve got to be honest, the gorgeous pastel shades of Shabby Chic decor are a big part of why I love it so much. I’m in love with all these color swatches.

But, I’ll let you in on a little secret:

If I have an ugly piece of furniture, and I want to Shabby Chic-ify it….

I’m probably just gonna paint it white.

Ta-da! It really works. White and Shabby Chic are best buds. Look at these different rooms:

White Room

(I love the grain sack pillows, btw!)

White Shabby Chic

(Check. Out. That. Cupboard. LOVEEE.)

Shabby Chic White Paint

They all scream “Shabby Chic!” And when you boil it down, really they all just have a lot of white furniture.  (And a few cute details, I know!) :)

But white doesn’t have to be boring, by any means!

Play With Your Whites

Any hardware store’s paint department will, in a matter of a few seconds, easily overwhelm you with the reality that “white” is a matter of about a thousand opinions.

White paint colors

I even found this tutorial on how to find the perfect shade of white from The Shabby Creek Cottage – Gonna need that one day for sure!

Truth is, when you’re painting furniture piece by piece for a shabby chic room, it doesn’t necessarily all need to be the same shade of white. In fact, if you’re pairing your decor with old antiques, and distressing things to add character, a few different shades of white on your furniture will only add to the charm.

Shabby Chic Paint Colors

And as for painting walls, I personally plan to one day paint one shabby chic accent wall a darker off-white, and leave the others a crisper white. I love the way that looks in my head, but we’ll see….

But,If You’re Still Bored With White….

Here are a few of my favorite “Shabby chic” paint color compilations out there. Check that hardware store we were talking about for more!

Earthen Hues Collection – From Benjamin Moore

Earthen Hues

This color palette is a little darker than your typical “Shabby Chic” pastels….but the full palette really contains some gorgeous rustic tones That I just love.

 Beautiful Bathrooms Inspiration Gallery from Behr Paints

Behr Paints

This one has such a light and airy, shabby chic feel!

And here are just a few palettes that don’t correspond directly to paint colors available, but any paint matching service could help you achieve them!

Ranunculus Tones from Design Seeds


(Have I mentioned yet how much I love the Design Seeds website?! You must try it out.)

Rustic Tones- From Design Seeds

Rustic Tones

This one strikes me as the perfect vintage color scheme for Masculine Shabby Chic!

Ah, there are so many more. Colors are so fun. Another day! :)




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