Shabby Chic Wedding Centerpieces

When I started my last post on shabby chic wedding ideas, I had no idea what kind of obsession I was stepping into. But There are so many beautiful ideas for everything shabby chic you could possibly want for a wedding.Table centerpieces are one area where the bride and/or wedding planner’s creative eyes particularly get to shine. And the options for shabby chic wedding centerpieces are truly endless.

Shabby Chic Weddings- Floral is the Name of The Game

The Shabby chic design has a strong emphasis on floral elements. If you’re looking for a pure, simple feel,  a pastel rose or peonies in a glass vase on each table would do the trick!

Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Shabby Chic Wedding Centerpieces

Thinking about more elaborate or detailed shabby chic wedding centerpieces, my mind goes immediately to blending real flowers with floral printed china, fabrics, and anything else I can find.

Vase and Floral Centerpiece

Pastel Perfection

For a truly shabby chic feel, keep your focus on pastel shades and lots of white. For “vases” to hold live flowers, you could use old mason jars, more elegant vases, or mix and match china teacups and plates.

Jars & Flowers

China Shabby Chic Centerpiece

Wedding china

(You can even try painting your own vases. It’s a an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate your wedding colors more obviously.)

Painted Vases


Bird cages are making a huge splash right now. And they pair perfectly with the shabby chic feel when you add a floral element and perhaps some vintage jewelry!

Birdcage Wedding Centerpiece


Using candles and candelabras can be a particularly nice touch for an evening wedding. I just love the feel of that soft light.

Candelabra wedding Centerpiece

Candlelight Wedding Centerpiece

Milk glass vases seem, to me, to scream “shabby chic” no matter what you do with them!

Milk Glass Shabby Chic

This has a bit of that rustic feel while still maintaining the delicate shabby chic tone. Yummy!

Rustic Shabby Chic Centerpieces

Add in old picture frames or vintage table pieces, lace doilies, fabric cuts, and any combination of small vintage delicates (think broaches, jewelry, watches, salt and pepper shakers, etc.) and viola! You can say “I Do” in a shabby chic dream cloud of delicate beauty. :)

Shabby Chic Centerpiece


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