Shabby Chic Wedding Dress: All This Wedding Talk And You’re Not Even Dressed!

I’ve already obsessed over all the beautiful shabby chic wedding options there are, in not one but TWO posts, and then I realized I was missing one of the most important, and most lovely elements of a shabby chic wedding: the dress!

And oh, my goodness…..are they lovely.

If you’re looking for a shabby chic wedding dress, I think you’ll probably find that, like most shabby chic things, there is a lot of room for personal expression and combining your own favorite elements.

In my own daydreaming and searching for shabby chic wedding dresses, I did find that searching for “vintage wedding dress”  or “vintage-style” gave me significantly more options, most of which fit the shabby chic profile perfectly.

Shabby Chic Wedding Dress


Embellished Detail Dress

A perfect shabby chic wedding dress is dress in which you feel wonderful.

And, for an especially shabby chic feel,  it might include some of these elements:

What Makes A Shabby Chic Wedding Dress?


Lace Wedding Dress

Cap sleeves

Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress

Embellished bodices

Embellished Bodice Dress

Shorter trains


Uneven hems

Uneven Hem Dress

Shabby Chic Wedding Dress: Go Retro!

If you’ve chosen a shabby chic wedding theme, choosing a dress with a very distinct vintage style can really punch up the “feel” of your wedding. These dresses have a retro glam tone that is just perfect!

Vintage Wedding Dress

And since floral elements are so essential to the shabby chic style,  play up your use of flowers, too! Go beyond just a floral bouquet, and pin some pastel flowers in your hair, or choose a dress that includes some floral details. Flowers have a way of softening almost any look into shabby chic perfection.

Elegant Wedding Dress

But like I said, there is still a ton of room for own preferences in a dress. It’s hard to throw off a shabby chic feel when you’re dressed in elegance and white. Those two pretty much say “shabby chic” no matter how you slice it.

If you prefer more classical style dresses, anything with lace or lace accents is going to feel very shabby chic.



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