Say Thank You!: Shabby Chic Wedding Favors

Burlap Wedding FavorsWe went to that wedding last night, and it was lovely.  They married in the later evening in a barn-like lodge, pretty much by candle light, surrounded by lace, burlap, flowers, mason jars, and vintage decorations. It was a perfect shabby chic wedding! I learned yesterday (but of course, did not notice on the day of) that they forgot all the wedding favors they’d made in a big box under one of the gift tables. OOPS!  I think it’s a must: Every wedding has to have at least one “mini crisis”…..My guess is that it helps keep our eye on the perfection and beauty of what really matters. But this little debacle did get me thinking. A shabby chic wedding does need shabby chic wedding favors! So I went on a hunt to find some of my favorite ideas to share with you.

Shabby Chic Wedding FavorsPersonally, deciding what to give as a wedding favor was a very difficult decision for me. Working on a tight budget can make it even harder. We went with little galvanized buckets of hot cocoa mix…..Cute, but easily confused with a bucket of dirt, as some of our more honest wedding guests confessed to thinking. But thankfully, there are tons of options and ways to put together much less questionable wedding favors.

My Favorite Shabby Chic Wedding Favors

1. Etsy.

Enough said, right? Type “wedding favors” in that little search box, and pretty much everything that comes up is gorgeously shabby chic. That being said, if you’re going for low-cost, ordering hand-made items from anywhere is not necessarily your best shot. So maybe it’s just a good place for inspiration!

2. Burlap-Wrapped Anything.

Burlap is shabby and chic, so pick your favor, wrap it in burlap, and poof! You have a shabby chic wedding favor. And for even tighter budgets, you can use brown paper bags and some scalloping scissors, and get nearly the same effect!

Burlap Love Favors

Paper Bag Lace Favors

Paper bag with scallopped edges

3. Bloomin’ Beauties: Flowers and Seeds.

Oh, I love this one. If you have a garden and a few friends who are willing to pick and prepare your favors the morning of, floral favors  can be free. And they absolutely gleam with the delicate elegance of shabby chic. Or, you can start a little earlier and encourage some green thumb development among your friends- hand out adorable seed packets!

Flower Favors

Seed Packet Favors

4. Yummy- Chic: Old-fashioned Candy., S’mores, Coffee and More

Food is everyone’s favorite, right? You can’t go wrong with any of these delicious favor ideas. The shabby chic flavor will all depend on how you wrap and present them.

Old Fashioned Candy Sticks

Old fashioned candy sticks- Adorable!

Smores Favors

S’mores. There are all kinds of cute little sayings to go with these.


Aren’t these mints just shabby chic perfection?!

Coffee Favors

As a coffee lover myself, I believe any bride and groom that gave this favor would instantly become my best friends.

Cookie favors

Homemade cookies or treats are a GREAT way to go with a tight budget (especially if you have good friends to help you bake all of them!)

Delicious dessert!

An extra take-home dessert is a great idea, too. Put it in a mason jar? Automatic “cute favor” points right there.

Mini Bottle Favors

This favor could cost you a pretty penny. But…It could also make you extremely popular. And with a cute little rustic-looking tag, it fits with a shabby chic wedding perfectly.

5. Ooh La La Lighting: Candles

Candles are very inexpensive to buy bulk. And they’re so useful and pretty- I think they make an easy and beautiful option for shabby chic wedding favors.

candle favors

6. Jammin’ : Jars of Homemade Jam

Jam Wedding Favors

7. Musical Mayhem: Personalized CDs

I love this one…. Fill up a CD of your favorite love songs, or the songs that brought you together, or classics from a theme era, or whatever you like! CD’s aren’t too expensive in bulk, and you might already have all the music!

Personal CD Favor

8. Marvelous Miscellany: Ornaments, Tchotchkes, and Cute-Little-Nothings

These favors might be the kind that end up in the garbage after your guests return home, but I can’t deny that any one of them would make an adorably shabby chic addition to your wedding table!

A Coin Favor

For richer or poorer….such a cute one!

Birds and Hearts Favors

Can you imagine how perfectly these would go with those shabby chic birdcage centerpieces?

Keychain Favors

I kind of think I saved the best for last…..At least as far as the shabby chic philosophy fits with favors. Keychains (or any similar “bauble” idea) is a fantastic way to use antique shop and thrift store finds- little old broaches, pins, buttons, anything you can think of- to put an elegant and eclectic “thank you” in the hands of your guests!

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