Why Shabby Chic?

I’m not exactly sure when the hallucinations started.


Maybe it was while I was pregnant with Addie- You know, those first trimester hormones can do crazy things.


Or maybe it started way before that, as a lonely only child being dragged around to endless antique stores on every. last. roadtrip. we ever took.


Either way, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t experience frequent episodes of believing I held the keys to a gorgeous French Country home adorned with the elegant, relaxed shabby chic decor. Even now, I can almost hear the melodious clink of the keys in my hand…..


Shabby Chic French Country


The Shabby Chic Philosophy


And, I think I have always loved the beauty of “old” things. As my life has progressed and surprised me in so many wonderful ways, I’ve grown a tender appreciation for the “shabby chic” philosophy . It seems to fit more roles than a home decor style. If I were the type to wax poetic, I might even call it a lifestyle….mixing old and new….finding soft elegance in unexpected places….giving new life to old with a simple repurposing… a sort of “interior design” for the soul. 




Ahem. Yeah. Too much? Maybe a bit too much.


I’m back. Let’s get to work!


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