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Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas – “I Do” Design

Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas: The Design of My Dreams

Ahhh, wedded bliss.

The hubby and I are going to a lovely October wedding in two weeks. The invitations were low-key, feisty and fun, and got me dreaming about weddings in general…which of course got me thinking….

What would a Shabby Chic Wedding look like?

Our own wedding was, in a way, a shabby chic wedding without even meaning to be. We made it work on an extremely tight budget, in the middle of January, and we were just so in love, we made anything work.

We had mason jars and burlap, white epsom salt “snow”, huge white flowers and pine cones, elegant candles, a gauzy canopy and a cozy fireplace. Mish mash beautiful!

And that’s the beauty of a shabby chic wedding- It’s a design style where anything goes.

Weddings are, sort of irrevocably, elegant. You’d have to work hard to remove all elements of elegance from a wedding….so “chic” can pretty much take care of itself. 😉

And shabby? Let’s call it vintage for the sake of our wedding planning correctness, and the options are limitless!